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  • MPM-20013

    Curtis Coffee Brewer - G4-TP2563A3100

    Item: G4-TP2563A3100 IN STOCK


    The Curtis Coffee Brewer allows for brewing of smaller batches to help manage coffee programs more efficiently. G4 units are factory set for out of the box operation with pre-programed recipes that ensure consistent brew every time. Precise, digital fine-tuning of the entire brewing process optimizes signature coffee flavor and provides consistent brewing every time.

    • Brewer Features:
    • Large 3.4" touch screen
    • Icon-driven interface - Streamlines and simplifies operation
    • Real-time feedback - Of the brewing process helps eliminate user error
    • Built-In Self Diagnostic System - Alerts operator of system failure and when the machine is in need of preventative maintenance
    • Energy Saving Mode - Easily customizable to specific needs and applications
    • Dispenser Features:
    • Use with Curtis One Gallon Thermo-Pro Server (s)
    • Gourmet flavor, freshness, and temperature are lock in with sinless-steel vacuum sealed servers
    • 35.00” H X 11.25” W X 20.75” D
    • Single Phase
    • Voltage 120/220
    • Watts 1800/2800
    • Amps 15.0/12.7