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    “These ovens are amazing! We have them totally dialed in at Wilmette. Sales have increased by 20%! Probably due to the fact time never went over an hour.”


    - John, Lefty’s Pizza, Wilmette, IL

    Slice Of Life Pizzeria

    “I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my PizzaMaster oven. It is exactly what my business needed. You helped speed up delivery once you became aware of the delay, and you went above and beyond regarding installation. I am most grateful for your assistance. If you ever need help with a referral or recommendation, please let me know.”


    - Bob, Slice of Life Pizzeria

    Apizza Schools - Brian Spangler

    “Buying the PizzaMaster oven was easily one of the best decisions I ever made.”


    - Brain Spangler

    Original Italian Pizza

    “Even after I spoke to you and Brian Spangler, I still had my doubts about the oven, but once you sign a contract, you’re locked in. Both of you definitely helped me make up my mind.


    I’m proud to say I couldn’t be happier. Our pizzas look amazing, the cheese caramelizes perfectly, and the crust is crispy! Your oven has helped enhance the flavors! Brian continues to be an incredible resource and I’m so pleased to be part of the Pizza Master family!”


    - Adam, Original Italian Pizza

    Union University

    “I want to say a couple words about this pizza oven. It is located out front on our serving line; it looks great! We have found the oven to be very user friendly. And it produces a lot of great tasting pizza in a short period of time. Last semester we were serving around 35-40 pizzas per meal. So far this semester that number has doubled to around 80. I’m sure this will start to level out soon as the students get used to the new dining hall. When that does, we’re looking forward to trying new dishes. We really love this oven.


    Thanks again for all the support provided by MPM… it has been much appreciated.”


    - Jim, Union University, Director of Dining Services