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  • MPM-20011

    IMI Cornelius six-head soda dispenser

    Item: ED150 IN STOCK


    The IMI Cornelius Six-head Soda Dispenser comes with a illuminated merchandiser that delivers high-impact marketing message. This never-used machine comes with ice dispenser with a large ice capacity and six sanitary levers.

    • Stainless steel cabinet displays quality construction, and it cleans effortlessly
    • The 150-pound ice capacity provides large capacity for a dispenser with this footprint
    • Six UFB-1 sanitary lever valves are simple to operate
    • Illuminated merchandiser delivers a high-impact marketing message
    • Gravity ice dispensing with positive shut-off provides excellent ice targeting
    • The ice used to cool cold plate is separate from ice dispensed into cups
    • One-piece ABS thermoformed plastic ice storage hopper provides durability
    • With the TotalFlex system, it is easily changeable from carbonated to non-carbonated dispensing