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  • 8000 SB

    Citrocasa Stainless Steel Cabinet 8000 Series

    Item: CITROCASA 8000 SB


    With the CITROCASA 8000 SB, you combine the highest capacity with the finest fruit enjoyment.The 8000 SB is the strongest in self-service which CITROCASA has to offer. 40 Oranges per minute, this means approx. 2.7 liters/minute of first class fruit enjoyment.

    • Stainless Steel Cabinet 8000 Series
    • Refrigerator with stand
    • Bottle spender for 1/2 Liter & 1/3 Liter bottles
    • SCS “Up & Down” cutting system
    • Automatic engagement of fruit pressing by simply pressing the tap
    • Large rotary table made of stainless steel
    • Fitting for every establishment
    • Digital display with counter for pressed oranges
    • Available as free-standing, with stainless steel pedestal or with complete rolling stand
    • Optional with integrated cooling system concept
    • Optional with full automatic fruit sieve cleaner (ATS Transport band)