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    Type N Cake Donut Depositor

    Item: TYPE N


    Belshaw Adamatic's Type N is a rotary crank donut depositor. Type N is designed for Belshaw Cut-N-Fry for Donuts / Hushpuppies / Loukoumades, although it can be used with other frying systems if the correct mounting system is chosen.

    • The hopper holds approximately 12lbs (5.5kg) of batter.
    • 3 mounting systems are available
    • Column mount with short arms - this is the mount designed for Belshaw Adamatic 616B fryer. (The combination is called a Cut-N-Fry system).
    • Column mount with long arms - used when 2 616B fryers are used side by side. A single Type N can be used for both fryers.
    • Wall mount with long arms - used with any fryer other than Belshaw Adamatic 616B.
    • Cylinder and plungers are ordered separately for cake donuts, loukoumades and hushpuppies. See accessories for details.
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