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  • 616B

    16in x 16in Table top Electric Donut Fryer

    Item: 616B


    Compact easy-to-use 16in x 16in donut fryer that will serve you for years and years - for all kinds of Donuts, Greek Loukoumades, Hushpuppies, and more. With a capacity of 16 average size donuts and approx. 35 dozen/hour, it offers the best possible use of space for the amount that it produces. It is also easy to move around if you change location regularly.

    • The 616B can be used for cake or yeast raised donuts.
    • For yeast raised donuts, you may need 10 or more screens
    • For cake donuts, you can use a handheld donut depositor such as Belshaw Adamatic's Type K Donut Depositor
    • Supplied with a cover which doubles as a drain tray
    • Supplied with two 616-0512 Frying Screens with handles.
    • Suitable for Donuts, Hushpuppies, Loukoumades, Fritters, and many other fried products
    • Holds 16 standard size donuts
    • Capacity approximately 35 dozen donuts per hour
    • Exceptionally durable with stainless steel kettle and outer casing and solid aluminum bracket for control panel
    • Thermostat controlled heat. Heavy duty element, tiltable upwards for easy kettle cleanup
    Electrical 208 Volt 1 Phase 50/60 Hz 19.2 Amps
    616B-belshaw-adamatic-cut-n-fry-donuts-loukoumades-hushpuppies.pdf 616B-belshaw-adamatic-manual-616b.pdf